NBA Super Six Power Rankings

  • Nets-After an impressive 5-0 west coast trip without KD, this team proved they are legit as we saw Kyrie and James Harden look unstoppable offensively. The defense is coming around and DeAndre Jordan is I think the X factor for this team, when he is contributing offensively and dominating the boards like he has in the last few games, watch out.
  • Jazz-even though this team dropped their first game in February to the Clippers they continue to play at a really high level which keeps them at #2. Jordan Clarkson, Joe Ingles and Bojan Bogdanović have a way of brining it each and every night where Donovan Mitchell always has help scoring the basketball and this team just doesn’t give up more than 130 points.
  • Sixers– I think its fair to say at this point in the season that Joel Embid should be the leading MVP candidate, as he looks unstoppable offensively and has his team in first place in the east. This organization in the last six years has been decimated with injuries, you hope this team stays healthy and can prove their doubters wrong.
  • Clippers-two things stood out to me this week from the Clippers, number one Paul George received a ridiculous amount of hate over the summer for his awful shooting performance in the bubble. PG is having one of his best seasons since his Indiana days and I don’t think he is getting the recognition he deserves. On the other hand Patrick Beverly is a bumb, who stinks offensively and can’t shoot to save his life and is probably on his way out of the league.
  • Lakers-if Lebron wants to win MVP he needs to get the Lakers out of this loosing slump quicker! However if the Lakers and Lebron decided they are more focused on the playoffs and repeating as Champs and don’t care about having the 3 or 4 seed them Bron should rest and take on more load management. AD will probably be out another 3-4 weeks but I think Shroder is the key piece the Lakers need back to get back on their winning ways.
  • Suns-more credit needed for CP3 who has just won wherever he goes in the last four seasons outside of the WCF. When Dbook plays at all star level this team has success even against the better teams in the league and if the young guys off the bench continue to be efficient and contribute maybe this team keeps themselves as a top 4 seeds in the west.

NBA Super Six Power Rankings

  • Jazz– 9-1 in their last ten games, with a 12-2 record I don’t care what you say about the future as of right now this team is absolutely playing the best basketball in the league as the totally deserve the number one spot.
  • Sixers-this is probably the best team in terms of fit in the NBA, as I feel their pieces and bench surronding their two super stars works really well. I still think this is a regular season team and until I see Seth Curry and Tobias Harris perform well in a meaningful playoff series I’m not hight on this team.
  • Lakers-AD out 2-3 weeks is huge and I think they won’t rush him back any time soon so watch the lakers to drop significantly in these rankings in the next four weeks.
  • Suns– well Dbook plays at his 30 plus points a night super, super star level this team has success even against the better teams in the league. I still think winning three games in a playoff series is the ceiling for this team but if the young guys off the bench continue to be efficient and contribute maybe this team sneaks past the Blazers or Nuggets.
  • Nets-I see slight improvement defensively but the most impressive thing I saw in Brooklyn this week was point guard Harden finding his role and proving he is an elite playmaker and passer.
  • Blazers– Dame is starting to shoot lights out from 3 and Melo is giving them great production, it will be intresting to see if they can keep the up the rest of the regular season to lock up a home first round playoff series.

College Basketball Rankings

  • Here are my top 20 teams in College basketball as of Thursday February 11th..
  • Certainbly one of the stroylines that has dominated the college basketball this year is the fact that the blue blood dominate basketball programs are struggling this year and aren’t ranked. That’s teams like Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, and Michigan State who all had great freshman recruiting class but with the shortened offseason and less time in the gym before the season starts these teams are all underperforming and have yet to jell. Even without these teams in march madness which besides Kansas probably will happen I think we are still set for a great tournament with tons of amazing teams. Teams like Gonzaga, Baylor, Villanova, and Ohio State are all really really good this year in my opinion because of their veteran players, depth, and a one or two really good and exciting young guys or transfers. Baylor is probably the best of those four teams that could be one seeds based off their ability to score so many ways with their guards who can shoot and get to the rim or their great bench production. Both the Big Ten and Big Twelve have crazy depth in their conference with six ranked teams in the Big 12 and seven from the Big 10, this will make for crazy endings to the regular season of conference play and hopefully some exciting conference tournaments.
  • Some of my underrated teams so far in College Basketball that could make noise in the tournament would be..
  • West Virginia
  • Tennessee
  • Missouri
  • Florida
  • Villanova to win it all
  • Illinois to make the final four
  • And the teams I think are Overrated…
  • Wisconsin
  • Alabama
  • Houston
  • Texas Tech

NBA Super Six Power Rankings

  • Lakers-sure this team looks great and they certainly have the deepest frontcourt in the league but where I see issues for the team is their defense specific from their guards. They don’t have a top 15 backcourt in the league and with the loss of Avery Bradley and Rondo this may be an issue that will haunt them in June but if AD finally plays to his MVP potential along side Lebron’s steller play early this year even Brooklyn may need to watch out.
  • Sixers-yes they did technically beat the Lakers but Tobias Harris hit an impressive game winner after they let LA came all the way back from 20 plus and take the lead. Talk to me about this team after they win a playoff series convincingly.
  • Clippers-Kawhi like AD has showed games of his MVP level play but not night in and night out which is probably the reason for their mediocre start. The question for this Clippers team is who’s going to come in and give them a spark both offensively and defensively as right now with out Montrez they don’t have it.
  • Jazz-Mitchell’s been playing great so far and the reason this team is rolling even though they have the highest paid center ever who struggles to consistently make a layup or a truly impressive defensive play. They are shooting at a ridulous rate from three and if they can keep this style of play into the playoffs look for Utah to win at least one playoff series.
  • Nets-really a bummer for Brooklyn and even the NBA as a whole that this big three has only played four or five games together due to injuries, resting and covid restrictions that forceed KD to leave the floor last Friday. This team definitely struggles to defend and is the reasons they have embarrassing loses to Detriot and Cleveland, I do this this team needs about a month straight of all playing together to reach peak form but when they get that let’s be honest no one is stopping them offensively.
  • Celtics-lots of trade rummors have been swirling around this team and a few more with names like Beal, Lavine, and Olidipo being thrown around but I say pump the breaks a little bit. I think the Celtics are find and we won’t see a major trade before the deadline, Tatum and Brown plus a healthy Smart all have the ability to propel this team in the playoffs. The question mark is Thompson and Kemba, if those two can be consistent scores and Kemba knock down his shots I really think the team can give Philly and Milwaukee trouble in competing for second place in the East.

Hot Takes at the Half

Big half and much more great football to come!

First-Half Commentary:

It is fitting that Tom heads to Gronk twice and AB for touchdowns, the receivers who TB12 trusts the most.

For those who are expecting a Bucs victory, don’t count on it. Mahomes is an excellent, top-tier quarterback who can physically do things like none other.

Mahomes is being let down in a big way by his offensive line, who is providing him little-to-no time to do his thing.

Tom Brady’s on-field awareness today matches that of any other player in NFL history. If he keeps this up, he will continue to cement his unparalleled legacy.

Sure, the penalties have been unbalanced, but a championship football team needs to adapt.

Second-Half Predictions:

Expect a full-on passing blitz by Mahomes and Kelce to match the strong Tampa tempo.

Mahomes needs to get on fire and take advantage of his incredible skill, and his O-line needs to

On the other side, Bucs will wear down the Chiefs DL.

The Battle of the QB/TE’s is already underway. The question..will the GOATS of a past generation (TB/Gronk) prevail over the GOATS of the future (Pat/Kelce).

PS: The halftime show was terrible.

Super Bowl Prop Bets and More Fun and intriguing Storylines to watch for on Sunday

Here are my thoughts on some of the hyped up Narratives of Super Bowl 55

  • Brady wins-the entire patriots dynasty and Bill Belichick’s greatestness if he didn’t have Tom Brady will come into question, and I think we’ll see the arguments for Brady being the greatest athlete of all time. I’d be very surprised if this is Brady’s last game regardless of the outcome as he will be the most talked about man in the world for serveral weeks if he wins number seven on Sunday.
  • Mahomes loses- I honestly think we will hear more about Mahomes if he loses, because if he wins it will just prove he is the baby GOAT, with ridiculous career potential after three seasons in the league and racking up an MVP, and back to back Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong this would be an outstanding accomplishment and simply ridiculous to think someone as young as Patrick could have the much success but the idiotic sports media would rather talk about what will happen when he loses. They can’t wait to bury the 25 year old kid for loosing to 43 year old Tom Brady in his first year with the Bucs and insist that this games will define Mahomes career and legacy. And while I think its totally fair to say Mahomes will never be the GOAT if he loses to Brady, not every young player with talent is going to be the next GOAT, there’s a reason they call it Greatest of All Time because that player was so dominant for so many years it makes them the greatest to every play their sport. It’s time to call out the sports media for trying to label every stud player the next so and so or the next GOAT, just accept their absurd talent and be thankful we get to watch such exciting player before we rush to get into heated debates and comparisons over them.
  • Andy Reid- I think if the Chiefs are going to win this game they are going to need to put up 30 plus points, and with how impressive they looked vs the bills in the AFC championship that should be no problem. And with a great offensive performance in back to back super bowl, Andy Reid will receive so much praise his rightfully desereves after 22 season in the league with his brilliant play calling. Another man who has been in the league a long time and would love to add his name to the list of super bowl winning coaches is Bruce Arians, who with a win on Sunday could add his name to the hall of fame.
  • Todd Bowles/Eric Bieniemy- both of these coordinators have had excellent seasons when it comes to their play calling and are certainly an underated aspect of why their teams made it to February. With both of these guys once again missing out on head coaching jobs, a super bowl victory would give them their much due respect as great african american coaches in the national football league which clearly are not giving their proper opportunities or respect.
  • First Home Team Super Bowl win- This was certainly something we had all hoped for at some point as a NFL fan just to see what it would be like but of course it comed during covid with limted capacity so not much to make of it. Sure you could make the argument the bucs may have the kicking advantage, be better rested, and come out with more energy but non of these factors will really impact the final outcome of the game.
  • Weapons- something that was talked about an awful lot during the offseason was the Bucs weapons in Godwin, Gronk and Evans and now with Brown you can probably say the bucs have the second best offensive weapons to the cheifs. I think the winner of this game can make the argument they have the best wepons in football, the bucs should limit Tyreek Hill after he obliterated their second when they played in the regular season. The bucs need at least one touchdown out of Evans and Godwin if they want to win and probably a big third down catch from Miller or Brown.
  • GOAT Tight End- if Kelcy has a big game which I predict he will because the bucs will take away hill and the chiefs win. I think we start to hear people make the valid argument that with Kelcy versatility and success with two early rings in his carrer he is the GOAT tight end but to be honestly the 31 year old is still just getting started in his prime.
  • Fun Prop Bets

In With the New and Out With the Old: The Legacy and Impact of Super Bowl 55

At face value, Super Bowl LV is a battle between two incredible quarterbacks, two stellar teams, and two interesting coaches. But behind the shiny veneer of the biggest game of the year, history is happening. This game marks the transition between the two greatest quarterbacks of a generation. One who defies time and has 6 rings on his hand. The other is the new face of the NFL, who’s still has untapped potential and possesses talents like none other. Brady. Mahomes. The showdown of the generation.

Tom Brady’s journey is like none other. Early on, he was dismissed and ignored. But his hard work, passion for victory, and omniscient awareness drove him to become the youngest quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl. By the luck of the draw, he quickly rose to the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots. Over time, he has amassed the greatest resume of any other player, with 6 Super Bowl victories, 4 Super Bowl MVP honors, and a trio of league MVP awards. Many say that Tom could play forever – he has developed he trains right, eats we, lives clean, and has the greatest winner’s mindset ever possessed by any athlete. But everything has an expiration date. If the Bucs wins this Super Bowl, he not only will cement himself as the greatest quarterback (or player, for that matter) in NFL history and the King of the sports comeback stories, but rumors will swirl about an imminent Brady retirement. Those rumors are clearly logical – why not go out on top? Tom always keeps legacy in his mind, and despite what he says about playing past 45, the story of cementing a New England dynasty and then traveling south for one last ‘hurrah’.

For Patrick Mahomes, it’s always been a clear path. As an excellent football and baseball player, Mahomes possesses qualities that no other player has. He can do some incredible things physically and he has top notch mental toughness. The Chiefs team is absolutely stacked with top-notch talent and could easily win this game. Mahomes’ career is just getting started and we can certainly expect more SB appearances.

Regardless of the winner, this game has some serious meaning for generations to come and it truly is the greatest matchup in NFL history.

Your new favorite league: Hero Indian Super League

Welcome to a new series here on Uncensored Sports. “Your New Favorite League” Will be a monthly/bimonthly series in which I’ll fill you in on some of the more obscure parts of my sports fandom. This article will be about the Hero Indian Super League, otherwise known as the ISL.

History: The ISL was formed rather controversially in 2013 in order to give India a true first tier professional league, with the first season being in 2014. With the slogan “let’s football” and a kick ass theme song, the ISL started with 8 teams. They were ATK, Chennaiyin FC, Delhi Dynamos, Goa FC, Kerala Blasters, Mumbai City, North East United, and Pune city. After much discussion with the AIFF, I-league, and AFC, it was decided in 2017 that the ISL and I-league would run simultaneously, with the ISL winner gaining a spot in the AFC Cup. After this, the ISL decided to add two teams for the 2017-2018 season, Jamshedpur and Bengaluru FC. In 2019, after controversy because they tried to sign a Chennai city player while he still had a contract with the club, Pune City came under heavy fire from the AIFF, and this led the club to relocate to Hyderabad and become Hyderabad FC. Also in 2019, due to struggles in getting the locals interested in the team, the Delhi Dynamos signed a  Memorandum of Understanding with the Odisha government, and so it was decided that the club would relocate to Odisha to become Odisha FC. And in 2020, the ISL added the two big Kolkata clubs, Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, however, Mohun Bagan merged with ATK to become ATK Mohun Bagan.

Play quality and style: I would compare the quality of play to about a little worse then the CPL or USL, but that’s just a rough comparison. The style of play is still in development, as Indian football is in a transitional period, but there is a lot of similarities to the English and Spanish style of play, mainly due to the coaches of the league. One obvious blemish is the lack of good goalkeeping, due to the fact that teams can only have 5 international players, and most don’t use a spot for a keeper. Another dampener on the league is the terrible officiating, and I’m not being dramatic, ask any ISL fans and they’ll say the same. I would compare the quality to a slightly hungover dad who steps in as a sideline ref for a u9 game when one of the refs forgets to show up, maybe a bit worse. There is a lot of get it to the wing and cross it in as a style of attack, but some teams can put a few nice passes together, especially on the counter attack. The defending is pretty rough, most teams have to rely on offensive mistakes and/or a star defender, as the tackling is atrocious, however, some teams have a good style of team defense, but this is rare.

League structure– The league consists of two stages, a regular season, and a playoffs. In the regular season each team plays all of the other teams twice. The team in first place at the end of the season wins the league shield. The top four teams play in the semi-finals, a two legged series like in the Champions League. The winners of those play in the final, a single match at a neutral location.

Why you should follow this league– The ISL is clearly the future of Indian Football, and with the Indian football scene on the rise, now is the perfect time to hop on the bandwagon. While the quality of play may not be great, it’s palatable, and the league’s blemishes are what makes it so entertaining. While it is a lot of boot the ball and capitalizing on mistakes, there are some great players and plenty of bangers scored every week, though there’s probably 2 missed open goals for every goal scored. The refs suck, but at least they don’t have VAR. There is a level of professionalism around the league though. This is most evident in the broadcasts, which are very professional, great video quality, and some great play by play and color commentators. Though the best thing of all has to be the league song. Obviously this league has plenty of cons, but the pros are enough to make any true football fan fall in love with this league.

How to watch

If you enjoyed this article please give it a like and comment, and make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram. And have a scroll through our website, between myself, Robo, Pat, and Willy stats, there are plenty of good articles about all kinds of sports for you to enjoy. Keep an eye out for part two of this, which will be about which ISL team would be the best fit for you.

NBA Super Six Power Rankings

Starting this Monday and every Monday moving foward until the 2021 NBA playoffs begin I will release my top six teams in the NBA from right to left, if the season ended today. Meaning the number one team is not who I think will win the NBA finals in June but who I think is currently playing the best basketball in the league. I will also add in different comments I have on the league during these weekly rankings every monday, like this week as you’ve seen around NBA twitter all star fan voting has begun and below is my top ten all stars from each conference. The NBA all star fan voting system doesn’t quite cut it for me simply from the fact that you can only choose three frontcourt players and two guards because. In my opinion Tatum should start over Brown,so you can just have the five best players from each conference start. And one last thing I strongly considered putting Sabonis and Bam over Giannis because without their constant scoring and winning plays each and every game this season as the continue to improve under the radar. And in a year where the all star game with certainly look different why not put in guys like Morant, Hayward, Brogdon, Sexton and Grant.


College Football Tiers

From Left to Right meaning #1 Alabama #4 LSU #8 Oregon etc..
  • As another collge football season is complete in which Alabama Crimson Tide won their third college football playoff national championship in six years and head coach Nick Saban sixth with the program since 2009. Proving coach Saban has build a ridiculous dynasty in Tuscaloosa as once again this year win his team going 14-0 and steaming rolling eveyone insight with their close game being a 52-46 win over florida in the sec championship game and being held to a season low 31 points by Notre Dame. Their was simply no way of stopping the Alabama offense as ohio state learned in the national championships as it featured five all americans and one can guess likely multimple first round pick in the upcoming class. Proving as I stated in my previous CFP article that Alabama is heads and tails ahead of everyone else and are definitely the #1 college football program in the country.
  • Clemson/Ohio State– I think its fair to put these two programs in the top tier category as each have made it to multiple national championships with at least one a national championship in the CFP era. Clemson obviously has beaten Alabama twice for a national championship, gone 2-1 versus Ohio State in the CFP and made the playoff five straight years which ties Alabama’s five for most CFP appearances. These teams have tremendous coaches and year after year compete to bring in the top ranked recuiting class but I think the number of national championship win in the last six years of the CFP era puts these schools without a doubt at Alabama 1, Clemson 2, Ohio State 3.
  • Elite Programs– these are all teams that have consistent 10 win season, have made the CFP and bring in top recuiting class year after year thanks to their stellar coaching and representation in the NFL. LSU get the top spot having won a national championship in the CFP era with their remarkable 2020 season that featured one of the best offenses ever thank to their ridiculous talent. Georgia comes in second as they have made it to the national championship but lost to Alabama on Tua’s game winning overtime touchdown, but Georgia remains where they are because 2018 is the only year Georgia has made the CFP. Both Oklahoma and Notre Dame are yet to win a CFP game but Oklahoma gets the slight edge over the Irish because they have made the CFP and besides from both programs getting blown out in two of their CFP games. Baker Mayfield almost led the sooners to a win over Georgia but fell short in overtime and asa result both their fan pages receive a good amount of hate because they are yet to win a CFP game even though just six programs have won a CFP game in its seven year history.
  • Good Programs– all of these programs have for the most part consistently winning seasons and find themselves in the top 10-15 at least once ever season. What seperates the Elite from the Good is the facts that these programs haven’t finished with an undefeated regular season in the CFP era besides Oregon who made it to the CFP national championship in 2015, and because of that the ducks take the number one spot in the good programs tier. I hope for the sake of college football competitive balance we see another one of these programs in the CFP soon as I believe with some of the new coaches certain programs are close but must aviod the conference trip up games.
  • Solid Programs– Washinton and Michigan State take the top two spots in this tier because they are one of eight schools to make the cfp but haven’t been close since the year they made it. Most of these schools struggle to bring in great recruiting class each year and as a result they don’t have consistent winning season that put their team in the top 25.
  • Programs on the rise– many of the programs I would say right now may be ahead of some of the solid programs thanks to their new coaches who have changed the culture of the team and brought with the great success in recuiting, regular season, bowl games and should continue to be good for a few years to come.
  • Going in the wrong direction- not much to say here as these programs have all had a number of loosing season in the past few years and to me most of that falls on their coach, who quite a few of these programs need to look at starting over with a new head coach.
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